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Success at First Digital Kent Networking Event

On Thursday 25th August, Digital Kent launched its very first Digital Champion Networking Event at the Ashford International Hotel. Headed by our Project Support Coordinator Sophia Turk, the whole team came together to make the event incredibly successful. It was such a pleasure to meet many of our Digital Champions face to face (many for the first time!) and hear about their lives and what made them decide to become a Digital Champion. Some had signed up to become the Digital Champion for their workplace, while others worked in tech and wanted to share their skills, and some were retired and looking for ways to give back to the community.


We were privileged to have a number of guest speakers come and share their experiences around digital skills and inclusion. We heard from Conrad Mohr, co-founder of Circular Computing, who told us all about how his company is working towards sustainable technology. It was humbling to hear how much waste is created when we buy new technology, and how many tons of CO2 and materials we can save by buying second hand or remanufacturing old laptops. We were honoured to receive an award on behalf of KCC from Conrad for using Circular Computing's Carbon Neutral remanufactured laptops. By purchasing laptops from Circular Computing, KCC has saved 948,000kgs of carbon and 570,000,000 litres of water, which is a truly staggering amount. You can read more about Circular Computing's work here: