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Strengthening Minds in Swale

Brooke and Jake attended Strengthening Minds Sittingbourne Community hub and ran sessions with two Youth Groups. The first was the younger group which is 8-12 year olds and they played some fantastic games like Digital Skills Jenga, and talked about online safety whilst the group coloured in or made internet safety posters.

They also played a social media quiz whilst talking about social media, alongside having an outdoor drawing competition of social media icons whilst discussing the uses and benefits of the internet but also how to stay safe online.

The second group was 12–16-year-olds and we played Digital Skills Pong which required the group to play in teams, the aim being to get a ping pong ball in a cup then answer the question in the cup. We spoke about internet safety, digital skills, digital jobs of the future and much more! 

We love working with Sittingbourne's Strengthening Minds hub, and hope to be back soon!


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