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Lessons in Tonbridge and Malling

Brooke Ardley has been working closely with the Tonbridge and Malling SEN Youth Group this month, delivering some fantastic internet safety sessions. Brooke delivered some great activities, based on the conversations she had with the young people the last time she attended their group. They looked at how to identify if someone is who they say they are, online friends, how to stay safe online, appropriate online behaviours, cyberbullying, and who young people can talk to if they are experiencing bullying online.

Together, they created individual safety plans for the young people to stay safe online, including the steps to take if they did not feel safe online. Each young person was able to take information packs home with them, along with their personalised safety plan to share with their parent/carer.


Youth Worker Dione Jarvis had this to say about Brooke’s session: “Brooke was great in her delivery. She provided a great resource pack for young people to take away with them and supported SEND young people with developing an internet safety plan. One young person came up to myself after the session and said how they had been struggling with a personal situation for a while and this session and discussions had made him feel better and less worried about what he had gone through which was lovely to hear.’’

Amazing work Brooke! Its fantastic to see the difference these sessions make to each person that attends.


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