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Hardware Access Scheme Reaches 1,000 Referrals!

Digital Kent's Hardware Access Scheme has now reached over 1,000 referrals! As a result residents across Kent now have access to a digital device where they didn't before!

We are so happy to have reached so many people with our scheme, and so proud of Project Officer Hannah Brown for her hard work in getting hardware to those in need.

Our scheme is attracting referrals from over 55 organisations across the county, the majority coming from PeoplePlus (on behalf of the Department of Work and Pensions), KCC (particularly for young people in education) and the NHS. We look forward to helping many more access digital devices across Kent!

Read on to learn about some of those our Hardware Access Scheme has helped:

  • Samantha is a 15-year old who has autism and an EHCP. Samantha and her mum fled Domestic Abuse during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite strenuous efforts and support, Samantha has been unable to access education placement locally, but should have a placement ready for next academic year. Now Samantha has a laptop of her own to support in accessing her learning and she never expected that he could be the recipient of a laptop and she is showing considerable resilience in the face of considerable stress.
  • Benjamin is 16 years old and is a young carer. His mother has mental health illness, and his younger sister has special educational needs. The family is being evicted from the home through no fault of their own and are being supported and the mother is currently out of work. Benjamin, due to his carer role, is unable to able to attend revision sessions at school, but could access these online. The family do not have a suitable device (only a mobile) and limited data. Now Benjamin can access learning and revision whilst at home, preparing for his GCSE exams.
  • Ava has been out of work since lockdown came into place, and she could not carry on working in the hospitality sector. During this time, her and her family were forced into temporary accommodation due to health issues caused by their accommodation. This meant Melissa could not travel to her previous job and has been struggling ever since, looking for work from her mobile phone. This has also impacted her son, who has had to move school and struggled with homework with no computer access. Now Ava has a laptop that her and her son can use for learning and job searching.

Find out more about the COVID-19 Hardware Access Scheme here.

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