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Digital Skills Quiz at Inspired Friendships

We have some community groups that are particularly close to our hearts here at Digital Kent, and Inspired Friendships is one of them! Run by Wendy Pfeiffer, we have been coming along to Inspired Friendships for a while to help residents with their digital skills, and we were lucky to be invited along to their 2-year anniversary of running. To celebrate, Jake Huggett and Chris Reddy ran a digital quiz for their members. They covered subjects around the history of digital and computers, internet safety and also looked at digital devices and software!


The residents were nervous at first, but they quickly got onboard and found out that they knew a lot more than they thought! For example, did you know that the first person to write a computer program was Ada Lovelace, who was an English Mathematician and daughter of Lord Byron? And fun fact, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak co-founded Apple Computer on April Fool’s Day in 1976!

We felt so lucky to be invited, and we look forward to delivering many more digital skills sessions in the future!


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