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Digital Kent Away Day

The Digital Kent team had a fantastic and productive away day at the Ashford International Hotel. We were joined by our new team member, Project Support Coordinator William Lawrence - we're so pleased to have him with us!

We started the day with icebreakers, to get to know everyone on the team a little bit better, then took a look at our social styles. It was really interesting to see the spread of personalities we have in our team!

Then we got down to business. The team split up to have discussions about our different projects, and how we can improve them to better support the public. We had some great ideas in this focus time, and we're so excited to put them into practice! We then all reconvened and thought more closely what we can do further to tackle digital exclusion in Kent. 

It was great to get the team all together and emphasise what we are doing and why we are doing it. We have so much in store for Kent, so stay tuned!