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Digital Innovation Centre Team Day

Digital Kent had a fantastic team away day at the Digital Innovation Centre for Kent and Medway. It was amazing to learn about the DIC and the work the team there is doing to use digital innovation to teach, research and learn. The Digital Innovation Centre is a physical and virtual space, with facilities and expertise on hand to guide anyone and everyone through digital technology and implementation. They have a wide range of training experiences to offer, such as the ESTHER Ambassador course for Health and Care staff, as well as the potential for developing many more courses tailored to a range of different sectors.

We were lucky enough to get a taste of the experiences they can offer. The DIC team gave a great talk on their goals as a centre. They have amazing technological capabilities, able to offer training both in person and virtually simultaneously. Our team was able to experience their VR headsets and their simulation suites, offering a truly innovative way to learn through not just being spoken at but through experiences. They have the capacity to develop training for each business, to produce and edit videos, and to host virtual and in person events.