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Kent Community Wi-Fi Project

The Kent Community Wi-Fi project started off in August 2021. The aim of the project is to put in place free Community Wi-Fi in a thoroughly scoped area within each district of our county.Logos - KCW_FullColour

The Kent Community Wi-Fi is based on the infrastructure of Kent Public Services Network (KPSN) that is already on the ground. Currently, KPSN provides the internet to a variety of public sector bodies which include libraries, fire service stations, GP surgeries, etc. With the help of the already existing KPSN infrastructure, and some skilled engineers, the internet access is extended to enable Kent’s residents to connect to onto the world wide web in the scoped areas.

The Kent Community Wi-Fi project is currently in the feasibility stages. This means that we are working with our borough and district partners reviewing and scoping the geographical locations that are in most need. We are then instructing surveyors to gather information on the level of infrastructure and investment required to support the service and the longer-term commitment in maintaining the wi-fi system for the community.

In the first instance, we are conducting feasibility studies in three districts (Folkestone & Hythe, Swale and Thanet),  as a pilot for the project. This is to ensure that the, already meticulously planned, scopes are enabling people most in need to become digitally included via the Kent Community Wi-Fi. We are working through the scoping exercise with the remaining nine districts before progressing to the next stage.

If you have any queries about the project, please contact us on digitalinclusion@kent.gov.uk.

Kent Community Wi-Fi is a way of accessing the internet in areas where the facility is installed. Imagine it, like radio signal. Your phone, laptop, computer or tablet is your ‘radio’ that picks up the signal when you tune onto a specific station. Your equipment will automatically recognise the Wi-Fi signal, if you are in the catchment area, and you can log onto using the facility. The Community Wi-Fi facility is being developed through the Kent Community Wi-Fi project. 

Watch out for our guides on how to log onto the Wi-Fi – coming soon.

Currently, we are in feasibility stages. Once we have installed the service, we will provide the availability map of Kent Community Wi-Fi on this website.