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Digital Inclusion Support Scheme - Folkestone (ESIF)

Currently, our Digital Kent team is working on a project which aims to provide hardware and connectivity solutions to digitally excluded residents who are interested in becoming an entrepreneur within a specific area of Folkestone. Additionally, we are providing digital skills support to the beneficiaries to make the most of the gifted devices. 

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The project is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), part of the European Structural and Investment Fund (ESIF), through Folkestone Community Works (FCW) and the Helping Hands Scheme.

To be eligible for this scheme beneficiaries must be:

  • digitally excluded
  • aged 16 or over 
  • residing within the Folkestone Community Works catchment area
  • be interested in exploring entrepreneurial endeavours (e.g., selling outgrown kids’ clothes online, turning their hobby into a business, setting up self-employment, etc.).

The way in which a beneficiary can be supplied with a device through the Scheme is a referral from a professional.

Once a referral has been submitted by a professional, these will be assessed by Digital Kent's DISS-F project team. A decision will be made within five business days (which will be final, with no right to appeal). This decision will be confirmed in writing to the beneficiary, with a copy to the referrer.

Unless the beneficiary has already received12 hours of entrepreneurial support from other ERDF-funded projects, they are going to be invited for an in-person 30-minute support session within the Folkestone Community Works catchment area where we hand over the device to them and help them with setting up the device. Beneficiaries having already received the support are going to be couriered the device.

All beneficiaries are going to be offered digital support sessions which they can book through a booking form (to follow).

The modular support sessions are going to be structured around basic digital skills (online safety, digital footprint, networking) as well as selling safely online (social media promotion, scams, handling information, payment options) for people interested in exploring the idea of making some money online - which could range from selling outgrown clothing to turning your hobby into a business.

The sessions are accessible at all levels, on a modular basis, and are going to be delivered by our Area Partnership Officers in partnership with local organisations (to be confirmed).

The support sessions are going to be offered online and in-person at a location within the FCW catchment area at the end of February and at the end of March 2023. The booking form for the sessions is going to be shared with the beneficiary as part of the approval process.

The support is offered within the Folkestone Community Works catchment area.

See map for FCW boundary.

We plan to open the referral scheme from 1st February 2023 for a limited time (until mid-March 2023).