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Device Loaning Scheme

The Device Loaning Scheme has broadened those eligible of an existing project with funding from Contain Outbreak Management Fund (COMF) and Kent County Council's Public Health department.

The scheme will loan either a smartphone or tablet with up to 6GB of data for a period of between three and six months. 

The way in which a beneficiary can be supplied with a device through the scheme must be by referral from a professional by completing our online form. Beneficiaries cannot self-refer, to minimise abuse of the scheme.

The eligibility criteria is based on the following: 

  • Be over the age of 18,
  • A resident of Kent (excluding Medway),

    --- AND EITHER ---
  • A Ukrainian, part of the Homes for Ukraine scheme, OR
  • A domestic abuse victim or an individual negatively impacted by domestic violence. 

Refer someone for this scheme

The service user will have flexibility in what they use the device for, however for security purposes there will be some limitations (i.e. gambling sites will be blocked). Usage is also monitored to ensure the devices are being used safely and for the correct reasons. 

The loan scheme is free of charge for service users. However, they will be asked to sign a loan agreement upon receiving the device to confirm that they accept the terms and conditions of the scheme. 

Service users will recognise that the device is a loan and this will be returned after the agreed loan period. This is typically six months. Loans can be extended for a period of up to three months, if necessary. 

If a device is not returned, it will be remotely blocked so that it has no resale value. 

Service users will be supported by the Digital Inclusion Coordinator throughout their loan period and they will engage with the service user, assisting them with any device issues/technical difficulties and help them to get the most out of their device. 

They are also responsible for:

  • Processing all referral orders to ensure service users receive their device securely and efficiently.
  • Acquiring service user feedback through optional telephone/digital surveys which we use to improve our service.
  • Support service users with returning the device or extending their loan period.
  • Ensuring Safeguarding is a top priority and all service user data is protected in line with GDPR policy.
  • Managing our volunteer team of Digital Champions and matching them with service users for additional support.

Once you have completed the referral form, the Digital inclusion Coordinator will contact the service user to complete an initial telephone call, which will be when the delivery of the device will be arranged. The initial survey may also take place on this call. 

The service user has the opportunity to ask any questions about the scheme and save the Digital Inclusion Coordinator's contact details. It provides an opportunity for the service user to establish that the Digital Inclusion Coordinator is their first point of contact for any issues and problems. 

The device will be ordered after the initial call and usually takes five days to be delivered to the service user requested address via DPD courier.