Digital Champions Network

Digital Champion Role

A Digital Champion can be anyone be anyone who is willing to support others who are digitally excluded (or at-risk of digital exclusion) by helping them with their digital confidence, as well as, their digital skill set. You may already be doing this and we can further support you through our Network and access to resources and CPD-certified opportunities. 

You don't need to be a technical genius; however, you will need to have a broad knowledge of the internet and technology. 

A Digital Champion will help a wide range of people that include (but not limited to) their colleagues, their friends and family and/or members of the community in a variety of ways to increase their digital skills in a friendly and encouraging way. This can be done online or face to face. 

Broadly digital champions will be helping people with: 

  • Basic internet searching.
  • How to fill out online forms. 
  • Help setting up online accounts and emails. 
  • Sign up and use financial sites. 
  • Use job search sites. 
  • Using price comparison websites. 
  • Showing someone how to access public services.
  • Helping someone use online GP booking services.
  • Setting up online meetings (e.g. ZOOM and MS Teams). 
  • Show someone how to use their phone, tablet, laptop or other digital devices.

  • Basic IT knowledge and skills. 
  • Comfortable using the internet. 
  • Basic knowledge of smart phones, tablets and laptops. 
  • Good communicator. 
  • Patient.
  • Have a few hours to help people. 
  • Subject to a DBS check (Basic or Enhanced).